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Beyond Borders - a Collaborative Project

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Beyond Borders - a Collaborative Project
by Hilma Wright - Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 12:36 PM


Saturday 1st October from 12.30pm
Penarth Pavilion

The Beyond Borders project seeks to explore how creativity can encourage debate about journeying and asylum with local and refugee families throughout the month of October, using drawing, the material of clay and a multidisciplinary cast of creatives as catalyst. Storytellers / musicians / illustrators / poets / sculptors will come together with archaeologists, geologists and representatives from the refugee council to converse, collaborate and create!

The project comprises three distinct phases and the first stage takes place along the shoreline adjoining the Pier Pavilion, Penarth with a ‘Big Draw’ activity this Saturday. Families will be invited to explore the very thing that unites us with every human being across the globe – the earth beneath our feet, the iron in our blood and calcium in our bones. The drawing - created through in conversations between parent and child - will illustrate their investigation of the histories the earth contains from its geology, prehistoric narratives to our more recent experiences upon it! These images will then be exhibited in the Pavilion art Gallery and contribute to an on-going international project entitled parental conversations.

Free transport is available as follows:
11.45 Pick up at Trinity Centre, Cardiff
12.00-12.10 Pick up at Oasis, Splott
12:30 Drop off at Penarth Pier

4pm pick up Penarth Pier
Drop off at Oasis and Trinity Centre