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DigiFest @ Cardiff Central Library

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DigiFest @ Cardiff Central Library
by James Gorwill - Thursday, 17 August 2017, 3:52 PM
DigiFest is a celebration of all things digital and creative, with a collection of exciting and innovative stalls and workshops taking place throughout the day at Cardiff Central Library.

The day will also provide an opportunity for people to enrol on some of the many courses offered by Cardiff's Adult Learning department. The full course brochure can be found here: DigiFest will be the first chance to enrol and guarantee your place on any of the courses so don't miss out.

Information stalls will include:

- Codez Academy-
One of Wales' most up and coming educational companies, Codez Academy have helped many people to learn programming from scratch and gain invaluable work experience with major companies.

-Alzheimer's Research-
The Alzheimer's Research society will be introducing their VR experience that is designed to use the latest technology to help others gain an understanding of what it is like to suffer from dementia.

-Digital Photography-
This stall will offer you a chance to learn about the latest cutting edge equipment that is taking the photography world by storm.

-Acorn IT-
One of Wales' premier recruitment companies, Acorn have been involved with several community projects including sponsoring Wales' only Google Developer Group.

-Madame Butterfly-
A unique take on Virtual Reality will be demonstrated by Madame Butterfly.

A creative digital agency specialising in creativity, app development and virtual reality, they will be demonstrating the power of programming and construction with their codable robotic arm.

-Google Developer Group-
Wales' only Google Developer Group will be attendance to discuss their role in bringing the developer community of Cardiff together to discuss all things Google-related. Their regular meet ups have been seminars dealing with Hangouts, Google Go, VR and a whole host of other topics, all the while providing free beer and pizza to those attending.

-Library Information-
A stall promoting all the exciting and varied activities and resources that the library service offers. It's more than just books, it is Lego Robots, coding, Raspberry Pis, 3D printing and electronic resources such as ancestry searches.

-Europe Direct Information Centre Cardiff-
The Europe Direct Information Centre Cardiff is service that allows people to easily access information, advice, assistance and answers to questions about the European Union. As a department, they are also committed to promoting events and services to the citizens of Cardiff such as social media seminars and business meetings.

Workshops for the day will include:

-Appy Hour-
10:00 - 12:00
Confused by apps but want to know what your phone or tablet can do? This free two hour workshop is for you. Here we will talk to you about the best and most useful apps and demonstrate what they can do, as well as assist you in getting them up and running on your device if you want to try them out yourself.

-Minecraft Club-
10:00 - 12:00
This FREE club gives children the opportunity to build and explore there own world in Minecraft whilst playing and learning with other children in a safe, offline environment.

-Glamorgan Family History Society-
10:00 - 13:00
Explore your local ancestry and find out more about your family history at this workshop, making use of the numerous digital resources the library has to offer.

-Social Media Seminar-
10:00 - 12:00
A seminar with the well-renowned lecturer Prab Chadha to introduce social media to total beginners who wish to start making the most of Facebook, Twitter etc. Make sure to book for this as places will go quickly.

-Coding with Musical Fruit-
12:00 - 14:00
A workshop that will teach you how to program your everyday tangerine to play music using nothing but a bit of code and a Raspberry Pi.

-3D Printing Demonstration-
13:00 - 14:00
An opportunity to ask any of the questions you've wanted to know about the cutting edge industry of 3D printing, as well as a demonstration of 3D printing in action.

-Lego Mindstorm Robots-
Build a robot using lego and program it to drive along a set path, pick up objects or battle other robots.

-Digital Stories Workshop-
Create a digital story using photos and videos and edit them together into a narrative.

-Digital Garden Design-
Learn how to use computer software to plan and design your garden.

In addition to these stalls and activities we will be having a visit from a lifesize cyberman and a performance by Nintendocore duo Atomic Supermen who will be performing at 14:00.

See you at DigiFest!